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World-class marketing, branding, and communication support when you need it most.

We can provide help during surge periods where your organization needs the extra support to meet deliverables and handle multiple, critical priorities.

Short term assignments that provide you with long-term strategies and executional plans regardless of your organization’s stage of development

– that’s what we provide – not only in San Diego – but across the country.

Debbie Feinberg owns and runs Jumpstart San Diego, a consulting firm that provides short-term marketing expertise to organizations who need help with marketing, distribution strategies, customer experience, branding and communication. Debbie uses her marketing acumen to advise medical, educational, and health & beauty companies across the country. Her skills have helped organizations in the medical device, diagnostic and services field, including Human Longevity, Inc., Quidel Corporation and Thermoscan®, as well as worked for the San Diego based AVID® non-profit educational company. She began her career in marketing with Nature Made® vitamins and has since been affiliated with several other consumer products in the health and beauty segment through Jumpstart San Diego. Her contributions in marketing and communications help build brands across diverse market segments.

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